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Our home contractor blog offers an invaluable resource for those interested in gaining an understanding of the home contracting industry. It provides comprehensive information on topics such as remodeling, renovations, additions, home improvement, and more. It’s a great resource for anyone wanting to learn more about the home contracting industry, or for those who simply want to stay informed.
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New home construction is an exciting journey of decisions and revelations. Perhaps our contractor blog can help you with your decisions and revelations.

At E-L Builders, we specialize in custom home building and design. We provide comprehensive services for each project, from concept to completion. Our team of experienced builders, designers, and architects are dedicated to creating high-quality homes that meet our clients’ expectations. We are committed to providing excellent customer service and have a proven track record of delivering projects on time and on budget. With E-L Builders, you can trust that your custom home will be built to last.

The information in our contractor blog is designed to help both homeowners and contractors alike to make informed decisions when it comes to the home contracting process. It provides an insider’s view into the industry, offering insights on the latest trends and techniques. It also serves as a great resource for DIYers, offering tips and advice on how to get started and complete projects with confidence. Our blog is regularly updated with the latest information and resources, making it a great resource to stay informed.

What's Trendy Up North?

It’s common for home construction blogs to talk about the latest trend in homebuilding. Naturally, people wonder what’s new; some don’t want to be left behind. Let’s look at what’s hot and trendy at E.L. Builders.

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Our Process

As a premier contractor in Northern Minnesota, we know what it takes to build stunning homes for satisfied customers. How do we do it time and time again?

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How to Beat Cabin Fever

Contrary to some thinking, winter doesn’t mean we stop building custom homes and cabins. Instead, we work year-round designing and building. We’ve learned beating cabin fever requires being well-prepared for winter.

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Construction Work Stops in MN Winter, Right?

It’s easy to assume that construction work stops during a Minnesota winter, right? That isn’t necessarily the case with many builders in the land of 10,000 (frozen) lakes.

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Home Building Trends Include Adding Work/School Spaces

As many feel the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has revealed the need to change the way we do things, many homeowners are looking to add on some room to set aside for workspace. Between school closures and work restrictions, changes include adding some room to your home.

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Are You Ready to Build the Custom Home of Your Dreams?

When it’s time to build your new custom home, you want to make sure you build the home of your dreams. So first, you start with the backdrop of Mother Nature at her finest, with lakes, trees and wildlife everywhere you look. The Brainerd Lakes area is hands down one of the most beautiful parts of the state.

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Can’t Find the Lake House of Your Dreams? Create it!

You’ve known you wanted your own lake place for years. Truth be told, ever since you were just a kid and when being up north, fishing and spending the summer running in the woods were the best times you could imagine. Those memories, so pure and innocent, are exactly what you want your own kids to have in their lives. Back then, lake homes were special, even if they weren’t modern or convenient. Of course, today’s world brings a lot more modern conveniences to the woods of the Brainerd Lakes area, but finding a place with that special feeling isn’t easy. So, why not create your own?

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Is Your Dream as Simple as a Cottage in the Woods?

When you picture your perfect Saturday afternoon, are you sitting at your window, a glass of iced tea dripping condensation onto the side table, watching the lake where your better half is trying to scare up a walleye for dinner? And after the evening, complete with fish dinner, a fire and a glass of wine, you wander into your perfect cottage and sleep the sleep of the Brainerd Lakes Area.

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5 Must Haves for Your Dream Home

For years, you’ve been dreaming about building your dream home in the lakes and woods of Minnesota. With its beauty and serenity, it's a place where Mother Nature loves to be at her best. You start thinking about how you can have a little piece of that for yourself-we all do it! So let's talk about what are some must haves on your list for this perfect dream house? Here is just five ideas:

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3 Building Trends to Consider for Your New MN Cabin or Home

If you've been considering building a home or cabin in the Brainerd Lakes area this year, you may want to consider some of the building trends in Minnesota in 2021. While our number one goal is to build the house you want, right down to the smallest detail, we are experienced craftsmen and can pull in the trendiest features for your new build.

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3 Best-Loved Reasons for Going to the Cabin

It’s true. If you have memories of going to the cabin, you probably have memories filled with laughter, sunburn and sand in the bed. Fishing trips, fires with s’mores and days and days of being on the lake. Good food, good friends and good times, right? It seems nearly everyone loves going to the cabin. We had to do a little digging to come up with only three best-loved reasons for going to the cabin.

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Interested in Going Green in Your MN Custom Built Home?

The concept of going green in your home design used to raise a lot of eyebrows. Some thought it was too expensive, and others didn’t think it was possible to build a home with any significant difference by using environmentally safe materials. Still others didn’t know what was possible. Many people are considering the possibilities, especially when they have a deep love of the great outdoors. Let’s look at a few ways to choose some very trendy green design features in your new custom home.

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What Sets a Good Contractor Above the Rest?

When you’re thinking about building a new house – whether it’s a lake home, your primary residence or a little cottage in the woods, consider carefully before choosing a contractor. You need more than just a guy who can hammer nails. So, what sets a good contractor above the rest? Here are the top three characteristics that pull your contractor to the top of the prospect list.

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Ready to Remodel So You're Ready for Spring?

Spring is on the way! Yes, we know it will be a while yet, but even though the ground is still white and frozen, it's not too early to get started on that remodeling job you've been dreaming about for so long. If you start now, when the weather gets nice, you will be ready to get outside and enjoy it, rather than being stuck in the house redoing paint and tile.

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The 4 Things You Need to Know Before You Hire a Builder for Your Lake Home

Building a lake house isn’t something you simply decide to do. It’s something you dream about and wait for, often for years. When it’s finally the time to get down to business and hire a contractor, you deserve to know just what you’re in for before you get the keys to your new home on the Brainerd area lakes. E.L. Builders believes your lake home is worth our time, and our goal is to build your dream. You want the job done right at the best price. We want the best possible build at the right price for both of us. That’s why we don’t want you to jump in with your eyes closed. Instead, see for yourself if we meet the following best practices for choosing your home builder.

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