The 4 Things You Need to Know Before You Hire a Builder for Your Lake Home

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Building a lake house isn’t something you simply decide to do. It’s something you dream about and wait for, often for years. When it’s finally the time to get down to business and find a home builder, you deserve to know just what you’re in for before you get the keys to your new home on the Brainerd area lakes.

E.L. Builders believes your lake home is worth our time, and our goal is to build your dream. You want the job done right at the best price. We want the best possible build at the right price for both of us. That’s why we don’t want you to jump in with your eyes closed. Instead, see for yourself if we meet the following best practices for finding a home builder.

Hire a Builder?

1. We believe your lake home tells the story of who you are at your most relaxed and happy. Going up to the lake is possibly the oldest Minnesota tradition, so you want the time there to exceed expectations. That means you want to hire a builder who respects your needs and wants while understanding your dreams. When you start with a simple consultation to share information, you have the best shot at getting it all.

Every home starts with an idea. That’s all you need to set up a consultation and start the project. Make an appointment to sit down and get to know your builder. Think of it as a job interview – because it is. You’re the boss, so make sure you have a builder who understands that.

2. Step two is the design process. Hire a builder who has a local architect they like who has experience dreaming in the same language you do. Or find out if you can choose your own design team, if you prefer. You have all the decision-making power in this investment, so be confident you have what you want so you will enjoy it for years to come. Be comfortable with your draftsman or architect. When you make a connection, your plans will reflect your style.

3. Before the ground is broken, it’s essential to have an expert in building look at your lot. Every building site has pros and cons. Sometimes your home needs to be placed in a particular spot for your best lake access or easiest driveway. If there are any pitfalls on your building site, an experienced contractor will know how to solve them. This step is essential, so your home is convenient as well as beautiful.

4. Finally, make sure your contractor is certified with all the licensing required. Ask how often they receive new training on codes and laws. Find out if they’ve ever won awards or gotten special recognition. Make sure your choice of builder is professional on the job.

At E.L. Builders, we are ready and qualified to help you finally have the place on the lake you’ve always dreamed up. Call us today at 218-839-4158, and let’s get started building your dream!