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Can’t Find the Lake House of Your Dreams? Create it!

You’ve known you wanted your own lake place for years. Truth be told, ever since you were just a kid and when being up north, fishing and spending the summer running in the woods were the best times you could imagine. Those memories, so pure and innocent, are exactly what you want your own kids to have in their lives. Back then, lake homes were special, even if they weren’t modern or convenient. Of course, today’s world brings a lot more modern conveniences to the woods of the Brainerd Lakes area, but finding a place with that special feeling isn’t easy. So, why not create your own?

E.L. Builders Starts Long Before the Hammers

At E.L. Builders, we do things a little differently than your average construction company. We love to meet with you when your dream is little more than just that – a dream, an idea. Something of your own you want to create but don’t know how. That’s where we come in. We can sit with you and create your blueprints, with you filling in the details right in our offices. Let us know what you love and what you don’t want in the house. Tell us about chores and tasks or the things different rooms need to accommodate.

Design with Us

After our consultation, things start to take shape. We take the ideas, the dreams and the dos and don’ts, and turn them into a visual rendering of your new lake place. So, whether you are building a cottage for one or two or a lake home for the family, we bring it to life in custom blueprints designed from your heart. But there’s one more important step in your design process before we can start laying the foundation.

It’s time to take a drive. Our next step is to go out to the building site and do a full inspection and site plan to make sure we can create the top-quality home or cabin you desire while making the very most of your property. Of course, things like lakes, rivers and streams need to be considered before choosing a final floor plan, but there’s more to consider than immovable objects. Let’s look at your trees, your open spaces, the hills and valleys. Notice how much light the bedroom will get and the view from the front porch or the wrap-around deck, depending on the location and placement. Keep your favorite birch and pine while clearing other areas.

Once we determine how to create the home or cabin you have longed for, we get to bring in the equipment. You can count on E.L. Builders from start to finish. Our construction crew is the best around and together, your new lake place is just a phone call away. Call (218) 839-4158 or message us online right here.