Our Building Process

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The Proof is in Our Process

At E.L. Builders, we’ve been building homes, cabins and cottages around Pequot Lakes and the Brainerd area for the past 20 years. As a premier contractor in Northern Minnesota, we know what it takes to build stunning homes for satisfied customers. How do we do it time and time again? Simple. We’ve got a process that can’t be beaten.

We Work on Your Project from Start to Finish

When we tell you we’re not just another contractor, we back it up with quality craftsmanship and a commitment to make your new home or cabin the place of your dreams. You won’t find the boss sitting behind a desk unless he’s drawing up your blueprints for your new project.

Our process begins straight from pencil and paper if that’s what you prefer. While you can certainly bring your own blueprints, you can come in with nothing more than a piece of land and a vision. We’ll take it from there, working with you to create the plans for your new place. Here’s how it works:

1. First, we schedule a consultation. This is where we share a cup of coffee and get to know each other. Building a home or cabin is a huge investment, and we want you to be happy with the contractor you hire. We also want to hear your ideas and determine if we’re the best fit for you.

2. Once we both feel comfortable moving forward, we start talking design plans. We’ve got local designers and architects with worked with enough to know they won’t disappoint. Of course, if you already have blueprints you want to use, that’s just fine, too. But if your dreams are still in your head or on the back of a napkin, no problem. Designing your dream home or cabin is fun for you and us. Once things start coming together in a cohesive plan, we can move on to site planning.

3. The next step in our proven process is site planning. We’ll look at the property and see what we’re working with. This way, we can determine the best layout and position for your new home or getaway. This step is crucial to make sure your preferred design works with the type of landscape you have. We’re experts at this, so no worries. We’ll find a way to place your new home so you get the most out of the building and the property.

4. Next, we begin to build. E.L. Builders is owned and operated by Eric Larson, and you’ll find him on-site working alongside his crew to make sure every detail is done right. We’re known for quality craftsmanship, and you will find out why as your new building comes to life.

5. Finally, we hand over the keys, and you pop the champagne in your new home.

Contact E.L. Builders today, and let’s get started on your new home or cabin!