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How to Beat Cabin Fever

How to Beat Cabin Fever at Its Own Game

It’s that time of year when Minnesotans start to think aboutspring. If you’re starting to feel cooped up and depressed, it’s time to startthinking about spring and summer. Could this be the year you move up to thelake? Here are some things you can consider while waiting for the snow to melt.

We Work Right Through Cabin Fever

Contrary to some thinking, winter doesn’t mean we stopbuilding custom homes and cabins. Instead, we work year-round designing andbuilding. We’ve learned beating cabin fever requires being well-prepared forwinter.

When you live outside a municipality, you must have aprivate well and sewer system. Therefore, additional plumbing and maintenancewill be part of your to-do list and budget. Another important issue whenbuilding a cabin or home in this area is insulation. The type and amount ofinsulation you install during building will affect your comfort and heating andcooling costs, so this is a wise place to spend now and save later.

When you live out of town, the wind may affect thingsdifferently. Septic systems and plumbing can freeze in the winter, causing bigproblems. Most buildings benefit from some extra planning consideration on thenorth walls.

In this part of the country, we love the snow when it bringsits beauty and fun. But we need to plan for it, even when it’s unexpected.First, there are maintenance tasks that come with the weather. Snow can buildup on the roof and cause problems like ice dams or leaks. A snow rake or thephone number of a snow removal company is mandatory. The next piece ofequipment to keep handy is a snow shovel for those times the snow blocks yourdoor or garage. Finally, you will need a way to plow out to the main road.Again, equip yourself with that snow removal company’s phone number if youdon’t have a plow.

You may find many things new and different when you move upnorth, but insulation and snow are on the mind this time of year. When you areprepared for the winter, it’s much easier to enjoy it and avoid that cabinfever. So, once you decide you would rather live in a winter wonderland thananywhere else, talk to us at E. L. Builders.

#1 Way to Beat Cabin Fever

It’s never too soon to start drawing plans and choosing allthose little things you’ve always wanted in your home. At E.L. Builders, welove building just what you’ve been dreaming about, and if you need a designer,we do that, too. So, whether you are looking for a year-round home, a cabin forfishing or a little cottage tucked away in the woods, we’ve got many ideas wecan share.

E.L. Builders looks forward to turning cabin fever seasoninto cabin dreaming season with you.