5 Must Haves for Your Dream Home

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Admit it: You've been dreaming about building your dream home in the lakes and woods of Minnesota for years. It's part of the deal with experiencing the beauty and calm of Mother Nature at her best. So, you start thinking about how you can have a little piece of it for yourself. We all do it, so let's talk about it. What are your top five must-haves for your dream home? Here's a few to think about adding to your list.

A Really Great Gathering Space – with Food

Face it, part of what makes Northern Minnesota living so much fun is gathering with friends and family. And part of what makes every gathering fun is enjoying delicious snacks and meals. So, when you're dreaming of building, pay special attention to your kitchen/dining area. Many times, a floor plan with a great room fills the bill. The open floor plan is suited particularly well, so you can cook and eat and enjoy each other, all in the same space.

The Ability to Connect (or not) at Will

No matter how much we like to dream of being completely disconnected from everything, face it – we need to be able to connect online with ease. So, make sure you plan your internet access and plenty of outlets for chargers and plugging in so you can do so with ease; and get back to unplugging quickly.

A Truly Functional Laundry Room

Whether your dream home is the cabin or your primary home, laundry is a given. However, when the location and design of your laundry room are thoughtfully planned, it takes a whole lot of the work out of this dreaded chore. Efficiency is the kicker here. Make it so organized and easy that even the kids will help!

Great Windows – Because Sometimes You Can't Be Outside

The number one reason your Brainerd Lakes area dream home is dreamy is because of the beauty of the outdoors. Sadly, you occasionally do have to go indoors. Why not consider adding some large windows throughout your new home? Today's quality windows provide far better insulation than windows of the past. Working even one or two into your design can add infinite amounts of pleasure.

An Outdoor Living Space

Frankly, you probably have this one on your list, don't you? Creating a comfortable yet convenient outdoor living area is almost a must when you're in Lakes Country. It can be easy to skimp here, though, because you spend so much time in the woods or on the water. But, planning out a relaxed living space where you can entertain with no stress is worth the time and investment. So, see if you can't find a way to upgrade your outdoor living areas with your build.

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