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Cabin trends in Minnesota Lake Country have evolved with the times. Old, rustic log cabins with rough interiors have given way to cozy retreats with the latest modern amenities and contemporary designs. E.L. Builders in Brainerd Lakes explores some of the latest cabin trends of 2024 to generate a little cabin fever in those considering a new lakeside cabin or cottage.


One of the most significant shifts in Minnesota cabin construction is the adoption of sustainable materials and energy-efficient features. Many homeowners are asking about incorporating more locally sourced wood, stone, and other natural materials into their designs. This not only helps to preserve the environment but also offers potential cost savings for homeowners. Moreover, with the increasing prevalence of innovations such as solar panels, geothermal heating, and energy-efficient appliances, contemporary cabin construction allows homeowners to enjoy the beauty of the natural surroundings while minimizing their ecological footprint.

Environmental concerns are a pressing issue across the United States, with regions grappling with droughts, fire risks, and changing weather patterns. In response, local building codes are becoming more stringent, aiming to curb the environmental impact of new construction. This shift is mirrored in the market, with more sustainable and eco-friendly options emerging. These choices help protect the environment and provide homeowners with a healthier living space that is energy efficient.

Some other sustainable practices that are moving from trend to best practice include using low-VOC paints (volatile organic compounds), insulated concrete forms, stone or slate roofing, and incorporating composites and natural fibers. 


Modern Minnesota cabins are a beautiful mix of traditional and contemporary designs. They feature warm wood finishes, cozy fireplaces, stone accents, sleek furniture, contemporary lighting, and minimalist décor.

New technology has transformed the way homes are built and used today. Homeowners are investing in smart appliances, lighting, and security systems to make their lives more convenient. LED lighting and sound systems such as SONOS are now standard, while thermostats with multiple sensors are new.

Electric vehicle charging stations are also becoming increasingly popular. Some chargers even come with Wi-Fi connectivity and an app to control and monitor charging.

Other exciting technological advancements include cool roofing, which reflects sunlight and absorbs less heat, and electrochromicor “smart” glass, which changes color and transparency with the touch of abutton. These innovations may sound like science fiction, but they are available now and will likely become more popular.

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