Are You Ready to Build the Custom Home of Your Dreams?

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When it’s time to build your new custom home, you want to make sure you build the home of your dreams. So first, you start with the backdrop of Mother Nature at her finest, with lakes, trees and wildlife everywhere you look. The Brainerd Lakes area is hands down one of the most beautiful parts of the state. Then, you search for a builder who’s just a little different from the average contractor. To bring your dream to fruition takes more than hammers and nails. You need an artist who cares about making your dream come true.

What Makes E. L. Builders Different?

When you hire a builder, you want nothing but the very best when it comes to your new home. A contractor you can trust to follow through with the details and hire only the best in the trades is a priceless asset in your home construction. But when you decide to invest in a custom home built to suit your unique desires, you need something more. You need E. L. Builders.

We like to start when your idea is just that, an idea. Let’s sit down and talk about who you are as an individual or a family. What matters most? What have you always wished for in a home? Let us know if you’re dreaming of a nooks-and-crannies kind of home or if you live for a large, open great room with vaulted ceilings and lofts.  

As we listen to some of your family stories and hear about how you like to live in your home, our ideas begin to fire up and together, we can create something you cannot wait to live in.

How Will You Feel Living in the Home of Your Dreams?

Take a moment and picture yourself living in your custom home. Walk through each room in your mind, and feel the joy of having everything the way you want. Whatever you want is possible, from the layout to the materials, the kitchen to the bedrooms, lofts or extended living areas. Contact E. L. Builders today, and let’s talk about your new custom home.

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