What's Trendy Up North?

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It’s common for home construction blogs to talk about the latest trend in homebuilding. Naturally, people wonder what’s new; some don’t want to be left behind. Let’s look at what’s hot and trendy at E.L. Builders.

E.L. Builders Cares About Only One Trend

At E.L. Builders, we look at things from this perspective – if you want it, we’ll build it. We will build it with top-quality materials and professional craftsmanship every step of the way. However, you won’t find us pushing the trends you may see elsewhere. For many folks, the trend around here is comfort and relaxation. Room for company. Our trend is to make you happy with the home of your dreams, and if you want our help, we’ll start with the design.

It’s not that we don’t care about beautiful homes in the Brainerd Lakes area. We most definitely do. But, as Up North people, a lot of us define beauty differently than urban building trends might dictate. We think the most beautiful home or cabin for you is the one you’ve always dreamed of. We tend to like views of the lakes and the trees.

Of course, we are happy to do arched doorways and great room community living space, and we may be convinced to add an office if you’re moving here year-round. Many of our designs include these features and more that homeowners everywhere enjoy. However, we don’t build cookie-cutter houses. Instead, we build custom houses, cabins and cottages.

Custom Designed Homes

We have architects that will draw up your blueprints if you want to choose individual rooms and features that may not always be the “norm.” The only norm we follow at E.L. Builders is to do our best to create the custom home you’ve always wanted. (Yes, we’ll tell you about the beauty of a fireplace and maybe even comment about a place to clean fish, but all the choices are yours.)

Come on into E.L. Builders, and let’s talk about your custom dream home in the Brainerd Lakes area.