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3 Best-Loved Reasons for Going to the Cabin

It’s true. If you have memories of going to the cabin, you probably have memories filled with laughter, sunburn and sand in the bed. Fishing trips, fires with s’mores and days and days of being on the lake. Good food, good friends and good times, right? It seems nearly everyone loves going to the cabin. We had to do a little digging to come up with only three best-loved reasons for going to the cabin.

Reason #1 – The Best Reason for a Cabin is the Fishing and Hunting

Of course, when you’re talking Minnesota cabins in lake country, you had to guess that hunting and fishing were going to be part of the conversation. Minnesotans love their fishing all year round and having a nice place to sleep when you head up deer hunting every year? That’s not a bad idea, either.

One of the top reasons Minnesotans love having their own place on the lake is so they have their own private hunting and fishing land. While it isn’t always easy to find these prime spots, when you do, the only thing you can do to make it even better is building a cabin that makes the trips comfortable. Instead of bunking down in Uncle Bert’s old shack the guys have stayed in for three generations, make plans to create your own rustic getaway and let the inside time be as enjoyable as the outside time.

Reason #2 – The Best Reason for a Cabin at the Lake is The Action in the Water!

Face it. There is not much in a Minnesota summer that beats loading up the pontoon boat or the jet skis and hitting the water. Whether you’re pulling water skiers and wakeboarders behind the powerboat or taking the grandkids fishing for sunnies, a clear, cold Brainerd area lake is a beautiful place to spend your day.  

Summer takes on a whole new level of fun when you’re out on the water at your cabin. As the sandbars converge with weekenders, the days just get better when the whole crowd starts showing up on Friday night from other parts of the state. These summer friends are just as special to our lives as our neighbors and friends at home, and the limited time together makes it seem even better.

Reason #3 – The Best Reason for a Cabin at the Lake Is the Relaxation!            

The real reason we all love going to the cabin is that automatic relaxation attitude that descends the minute we start seeing the pine trees lining the roads, pointing the way to our lake cabin. As soon as your eyes begin to register trees and lakes and wildlife instead of traffic, asphalt and people everywhere, you feel your muscles starting to unwind, and the smile starts to grow.

By the time you’ve got the car unloaded, you’re ready to sit back and watch the fire with something cold in your hand and something tasty on the grill.

No matter what your best reason for heading to the cabin, E.L. Builders of Pequot Lakes can take your dreams and build them into fun and memories for generations to come.