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3 Things to Do When Planning a New Home

You finally decided it's time for planning a new home up in the Brainerd/Baxter area. We think that's a great idea. But, while you're thinking about just what you want in your new place, here are three things you should avoid when you are building a new home.

1. Hire the right builder. The contractor you choose to build your new home can make a big difference in how the entire building project turns out. A good contractor keeps everything moving smoothly, and the job results in a beautiful new home for you. On the other hand, a contractor can drag out and slow down a build in various ways, so check references to see how they've done in the past. Look at pictures and, if possible, talk to other customers if that is available. Spend a little time talking with your builder so you both know if this will be a good fit. You don't want to have a builder you don't like. Talk with the builder and make sure you get along and communicate easily.

2. What is your lifestyle? Are you always on the go or stay-at-home-ers? Do you want strict organization, or are you more of an "it's over there somewhere" kind of person? Lots of windows or less work? Extra bedrooms for a growing family or guests? Maybe you need a fish-cleaning space facing the backyard?

The point is to build the house you want. Don't add a formal dining room if you know you won't use it more than a few times a year. Go ahead and add a gaming room if that fits your family. Spend time deciding what you can't live without or what can be left out.

3. Location, location, location. It's important to apply this lens to many things. For example, do you want to wake up with the sunrise? Put your bedroom on the east wall with big windows. The laundry room is another room you may wish to locate differently. Can you practically put the laundry room next to the bedrooms to make it convenient? Do you want a garage attached or placed in another spot? Since you're building your own custom home, put the rooms where you want them. And add plenty of outlets in all of them.

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