Interested in Building Green in Your MN Custom Built Home?

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Building Green with a Custom Built Home

The concept of building green in your MN custom built home design used to raise a lot of eyebrows. Some thought it was too expensive, and others didn’t think it was possible to build a home with any significant difference by using environmentally safe materials. Still others didn’t know what was possible. Many people are considering the possibilities, especially when they have a deep love of the great outdoors. Let’s look at a few ways to choose some very trendy green design features in your new MN custom built home.

Solar Panels for Power

One of the most familiar building green construction ideas involves using solar panels to produce energy, freeing your home from using much, if any, electricity. Here in Minnesota, people wonder if solar panels can produce energy in the winter. A lot will depend on your site. It’s common in the Brainard-Pequot Lakes area for building sites to have a lot of trees and even lakeshore. Before you get your heart set on solar power, have your site inspected to see if solar panels are an option for your new home.

Location, Location, Location

One of the easiest ways to build an eco-friendly custom home is how the building sits on the land. Sunshine is our friend in Minnesota, and most of us want to make the most of it. Talk to your contractor about how the home is oriented on the land. Position the house so the rooms inside are able to take full advantage of the available sunlight to add heat and light to your home. If your property is wooded, consider placing the building with the south wall facing the woods. This tree line can help prevent too much heat from entering in the summer months.

Consider Smart Home Technology in Your New Custom Home

Smartphones are now considered the primary way people access not just phone calls but internet capabilities. You can use the power of technology to save energy in your home in several ways. Imagine controlling the lights or the air conditioning at the touch of a button on your phone. You can even set up zones in your home for heating and cooling to direct where you want the temperature change. You can also use smart technology in your appliances, like the refrigerator, to keep current on necessary grocery lists.

If you are interested in making your custom home more energy efficient and less wasteful, talk to your contractor before you start to build. To schedule a consultation with E.L. Builders, contact us here.