What Sets a Good Contractor Above the Rest?

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When you’re thinking about building a new house – whether it’s a lake home, your primary residence or a little cottage in the woods, consider carefully before choosing a contractor. You need more than just a guy who can hammer nails. So, what sets a good contractor above the rest? Here are the top three characteristics that pull your contractor to the top of the prospect list.

The Top Three Characteristics of a Good Contractor

Although there are many details you need to consider before hiring a contractor, look for these three things: craftsmanship, customer service and commitment to quality. These are the foundation of creating your dream home. Let’s break it down.

  • Craftsmanship – This is more than carpentry skills. It’s one thing to have a crew that can work quickly and cleans up their mess, but you want the beauty and the intriguing little differences that set your home apart. That’s craftsmanship. You want the guys that only use the highest quality materials available. You want the builders who will see your vision and bring it to fruition.
  • Customer Service – Hiring a builder for your new home project isn’t a one-and-done kind of situation. You want a team with good communication, that responds quickly with a helpful attitude and does things promptly. The right contractor will not just listen to your ideas, he will follow through with your wishes. If something can’t be done, then a responsible contractor will explain why there is an issue and what can be done instead.
  • Commitment to Quality – We touched on this above when we talked about craftsmanship, but this commitment is about more than only materials. It’s about the quality of your final product — the quality of the design choices and the perfect adornments throughout the home. A commitment to quality should signify that no corners will be cut, no ideas will be dismissed out of hand and no money should be spent in ways that compromise the outcome.

Before you sign on the bottom line, you should choose a contractor who will not just meet your expectations, but who will take your expectations and go far beyond them.