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3 Building Trends to Consider for Your New MN Cabin or Home

If you've been considering building a home or cabin in the Brainerd Lakes area this year, you may want to consider some of the building trends in Minnesota in 2021. While our number one goal is to build the house you want, right down to the smallest detail, we are experienced craftsmen and can pull in the trendiest features for your new build.

Design, Then Build

The best way to ensure you end up with the home of your dreams is to have a hand in the design process. Working directly with the architect opens the door to making your dreams become a reality. At EL Builders, we have staff to do just that. Our design team will take your vision and turn it into a place where you relax and let go of the world's worries. Let's look at three of the trends in Minnesota building in 2021.

  • Spice it Up with Texture - Colors this year stick to the earth-toned neutrals like deep green, browns and blues. These tones bring their own serenity to any space, and when you combine them with textured walls, things take a pop.

    Having a statement wall of brick, hardwood or even fabric draws the eye and adds interest. Combined with the neutral palette, this textured wall trend will create a mood of comfortable, cozy hominess to your space.

    Brick has come back into style, but this isn't the old red brick trend of the 70s. Now is the time to paint that brick with a whitewash or paint to add warmth and personality.
  • Mixed Materials Pack a Punch - The days of sticking to one type of material in your interior design are long gone. Kitchens and bathrooms are popular areas to mix wood, metals and even concrete and stone to add interest and functionality to your home
  • Outdoor Spaces Take on Indoor Uses with Your Design- The prime feature of building in this part of Minnesota is the beautiful state of nature here. Create places outdoors for dining and entertainment with paved patio spaces, curtains, appliances and more. Party lights, a portable bar and comfortable weather-proof furniture complete the space for your family and friends to spill outside and stay comfortable and nurtured.  

EL Builders is here to help you create your dream home or cabin with as many trendy details as you love. You can contact us online or call (218) 839-4158. Let's start turning your dreams into a home.